8.11.2012. / Thursday
17:00-18:00opening ceremony
Chair: Sonja Levanat
18:00-19:00"Can p53 Secure The Genomic Fidelity of iPS Cells??"
Varda Rotter, Israel
19:00-20:00welcome reception
9.11.2012. / Friday
Chairs: Ivan Đikić, Maja Herak Bosnar
8:30-9:05"Ubiquitin Signaling in Cancer"
Ivan Đikić, Germany
9:10-9:45"Epithelial Plasticity and Metastasis: New Regulatory Mechanisms"
Amparo Cano Garcia, Spain
short talks:
9:50-10:05"The Role of ΔNp73α in Response to Genotoxic Stress in Normal and Tumor Human Cells"
Anđela Horvat, Croatia
10:10-10:25"The Role of p21WAF1/CIP1 Gene in Autophagy and Senescence in Tumor Cells"
Marijeta Kralj, Croatia
10:30-11:00coffee break
Chairs: Jozo Delić, Neda Slade
11:00-11:35"Role of Histone Modifications in DNA Damage Response, Genomic Stability and Cancer "
Zdenko Herceg, France
11:40-12:15"Cancer Resistance Mechanisms: Lessons From Chronic Lymhocytic Leukemia"
Jozo Delić, France
short talks:
12:20-12:35"The CDKN2A/p16INK4A 5’UTR Sequence & Translational Regulation: Impact of Variants Associated with Melanoma"
Alessandra Bisio, Italy
12:40-12:55"Novel BRCA1 and BRCA2 Pathogenic Mutations in Families with Hereditary Predisposition to Breast and Ovarian Cancer in Croatia"
Vesna Musani, Croatia
14:00-15:00poster session
Chairs: Oscar R. Burrone, Biserka Nagy
15:00-15:35"Tumour-specific Immunotherapies"
Oscar R. Burrone, Italy
15:40-16:15"Nutrition and Cancer Prevention"
Zorica Juranić, Serbia
short talks:
16:20-16:35"Loci Associated with N-glycosylation of Human Immunoglobulin G Show Pleiotropy with Autoimmune Diseases and Haematological Cancers"
Gordan Lauc, Croatia
16:40-16:55"Microphthalmia-associated Transcription Factor as Marker for Detection of Circulating Melanoma Cells in Patients with Stage I-III Melanoma"
Ivan Šamija, Croatia
17:00-17:30coffee break
Chairs: Tanja Cufer, Maja Osmak
17:30-18:05"Sensitivity to EGFR-directed TKIs in NSCLC"
Tanja Cufer, Slovenia
18:10-18:45"The Mechanism of Hormonal Resistance in Breast and Prostate Cancer"
Boris Belev and Damir Vrbanec, Croatia
short talks:
18:50-19:05"Therapeutic Implications of Molecular Biology in Patients with Non-small Cell Lung Cancer"
Marko Jakopović, Croatia
19:10-19:25"Integrins αvβ3, αvβ5, α3β1 and α4β1 Modulate Survival Upon Cisplatin Treatment in MDA-MB-435S Breast Carcinoma Cells"
Dragomira Majhen, Croatia
19:30-20:00closing ceremony and best poster award